AMPARO is an experiential theatrical journey in Downtown Miami that takes you by the hand straight into the heart of one family’s fight for love, country, legacy and the truth behind the real HAVANA CLUB rum. Dance on the white sands of Varadero, survive the revolution, lose everything, tell your story and find your way home.

Written by

Vanessa Garcia

Directed by

Victoria collado

Produced by

The tony Award® winning

“Miami's Hottest Ticket”


“Impeccable Artistry”

“Absolute Magic”


“Immersive Theatrical Masterpiece”

Taste the real Havana Club rum and Become Part of the Story

Throughout your Amparo experience, you will enjoy curated cocktails from the moment you walk in. The recipe of the real HAVANA CLUB was carried out of Cuba by Ramon Arechabala. He kept it close to his chest for years, struggling to bring his family’s story to light. With each sip of your cocktail, you will distill Ramon’s story and honor the family’s legacy. ¡Salud!