Forced from home. Aged in Exile.


original 86° proof añejo blanco

Our original rum makes a triumphant return as a limited edition. Double aged in oak barrels, our original 1934 Arechabala family recipe delivers an exceptionally smooth rum, with notes of vanilla, brown sugar & lightly roasted nuts. Learn More


Our original recipe created in Havana in 1934. Now distilled and double-aged in Puerto Rico under the same Caribbean sun for up to three years, with notes of apricots and pineapples and oaky hints of almond and vanilla. Learn More


A true Cuban spirit, now made in Puerto Rico. A clear, medium-bodied rum distilled and double-aged for up to one year, with notes of pineapple and banana and hints of vanilla and oak. Learn More

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the truth

what is the story of the real havana club rum?

In 1934, the Arechabala family created Havana Club rum in Cardenas, Cuba. Then, on January 1st, 1959, their world changed. The new Cuban government nationalized the company stole all their assets without compensation. The family was then forced into exile, leaving behind years of hard work and their family legacy.

To this day, the Cuban government continues to make a rum using the Havana Club name without permission, but what they couldn’t take from them was the original family recipe.

In 1994, the Arechabalas entrusted the Bacardi family with the original formula and the Real Havana Club was brought back to life in the United States. Today, this spirit – and the family’s story – have found a home in a new generation of rum drinkers who want to taste the truth.

Where is the real havana club currently made?

Today, the real Havana Club is made in Puerto Rico using the original 1934 recipe created in Cuba.

How is the real havana club currently made?

The Arechabala family pioneered the concept of double-aging rum, which imparts a unique, smooth flavor and velvety finish. Molasses from sugar cane, yeast and water are fermented and distilled to create rum. Then, rums are aged in oak barrels between one and three years, blended together, and aged for a second period for at least two months.